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House of L [Levi x Reader Family AU]
A/N: In da story Levi is 22 and Reader is 25. Warning for slight sexual content.
Despite the bright light that would probably blind you, you decided to open your eyes. The rigt one, slowly, then the left. Not bad.
You turned your head to the left to meet a rare vision: a sleeping Levi. You grinned and sraightened up. You admired the sleeping figure of your lover, then reached out to touch his soft black hair. Satisfied, you laid again, closer to him, and stared again.
But it didn't last long, as Levi opened his eyes, directly looking in yours.
“Stop looking at me when I sleep you perv.”
“But it's so rare!” You complained. “And you look just... fine.”
“Tch, that's the lamest reason I've ever heard. And trust me, I've heard a lot of bullshit with the kids and Hanji. You huffed at his statement, then suddenly got an idea. You burried your hands under the cover and tickled him, which made him jump a bit.
“Stop, you know I hate that.
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 47 22
Existence (Erwin x Vampire!Reader AU)
A/N: Mentions of nihilism. Erwin is OOC.
Sighing, you cast the group of young men below you a look mixed with pity and envy.
Pity because their lifespan was so short compared to your species. Envy because with that short lifespan they enjoyed their existences so much more than you did. Fact was that having living for over five hundred years bored you, and knowing it was only a poor little part of the lifetime granted to your kind saddened you more. You saw your friend Sasha who was hungrily staring at the men. You shrugged as an answer, then walked out. Life worthed it when your time was running out and you were aware of it. These people perhaps knew it, but not as much as you did.
You had try to put an end to your tastless life.
In a cloudless night, you wanted to put on test your survival reflexes. A group of men passed by. They called you in a vulgar way. You answered with a cruel grin that showed your fangs. Some of them were frightened, but you saw three men coming toward
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 26 16
My 20 Favorite Blue-Haired Meme by irismatidia My 20 Favorite Blue-Haired Meme :iconirismatidia:irismatidia 8 7
Dreamgirl (Makoto x Alien!Reader Future AU)
A/N: You who is willing to read the following, abandon realism here.
At 6.30 pm, Makoto walked out the fire station, very content. It had been a pretty calm day, and tonight he was seeing his friends Haru and Rin. It's been a long time, and Makoto missed them very much but because of their respectives schedules, the moments they could hang out were scarce.
“... and Momo says 'Detective Yamazaki? He's so cold I'd rather be all by m-ice-lf than having to work with him.' But he was right behind him, so Momo turned around and see him. And Sosuke looks at him and says 'Come on dude, loosen up. Be cool like me.' So embarrassing.” Rin laughed loudly.
Makoto, good public, let out a laugh and Haru smiled at bit. Yes, sometimes Rin's days of works weren't only made of investigations or endless paperwork. There were also chit-chat while having some cofee or stupidities exchanged between co-workers. The rest of the evening went quite well, the three friends chatting all night lo
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 24 10
First contact (Daddy!Levi x Daddy!Erwin AU)
Today may have been an ordinary day for many, but not for Levi. The moment of the week that pissed him of the most was happening: the parents/teacher meeting. He wasn't eager to hear teachers' opinions on his situation. Each time he got either sympathetic looks and ass-congratulations for being a single father, either judgmental stares from parents and single mothers because of his look and sailor mouth. You can go fuck yourselves, he always said with his glare. I'm a punk ass single father but I can do as well as all of you in this area.
Not to mention the personal appointment with the teacher. Mikasa wasn't much trouble, so he would get compliments for her grades and her behaviour.
But with Eren, it was different. The brat fought three times a week. Levi had tried basic pedagogy –fighting doesn't solve your problems- deals and threats but the brown-haired boy always found an excuse to let his love for fights express and forget his talks with his father. So far, Levi had
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 15 7
Cells [Levi x F!Reader Family AU]
Warning: Medical inacuracies. Angst.
The early life of Levi Ackermann had not been easy. Born into a poor family, he grew up surrounded by violence and crime. In his youth, he struggled a lot to get a place in this world, first with his fists then with his brain. He decided to forget where he came from and build his future. So he studied, a lot. Graduating from highschool, he managed to go to university. Even if he had poor funds, his outstanding grades offered him many choices. He eventually settled for art. When he graduated, he could have easily sign for working in museums but he chosed the path of teaching. In his function, the most important to him was to awake art sensibility within the brats who attended his class, believing art was above all religious or political matters and transcended all living beings.
This is how he met you. He was 23 and you were a 17 years old high school student who shared his beliefs. You often stayed extra time after class to talk to your teach
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 27 16
Decathexis (Ace x Reader x Law AU)
Tragedy AU
Comfortably sitting on your chair, your gaze was fixing the landscape outside. It was a rainy day which, for all cliché it was, matched with your state of mind.
The war was over, the kingdom of your husband was defeated, and the infamous Fire Fist King Ace was dead. The victorious King, Trafalgar D. Water Law, had fallen for the beautiful, young widow Queen you were. So he blackmailed you. If you marry him he'd take your children as his wards, which would allow him to have more control on the kingdom. If you refused he'd kill your son. Losing your precious child was not even conceivable for you. Moreover, your vassals and the people would probably rouse if the invaders killed their prince.
But marrying another man meant for you breaking the vows that bounded you to Ace, and you couldn't stand the idea, even if he was no more. Even more if the man you had to marry was the one responsible for the death of your beloved.
Solution was easy though. Law said he'd take care of
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 7 8
My 20 Favorite Raven Haired Meme by irismatidia My 20 Favorite Raven Haired Meme :iconirismatidia:irismatidia 8 6
Rock the house [Jack Frost x Elsa Hogwarts AU]
The match has been long, full of suspence and twists. But the score spoke for itself: 310 for Ravenclaw and 160 for Slytherin. Jack Frost, the Slytherin seeker, had lost to his equally talented friend Hiccup Haddock. No need to say Jack was disappointed. Not that he believed his friend was stronger than him but he loved competition, and if the past four years playing Quidditch in Hogwarts have taught him fair-play, he loved to win anyway. So when Astrid, the Slytherin captain, shook the hand of Hiccup, he felt proud and happy for his friend but also sorry for his team and himself.
Elsa of Arendelle felt quite similar. Of course, she was glad her house won the Quidditch Tournament. Hiccup was one of her best friends, so she, along with her other best friend Rapunzel, rushed to his side to congratulate him for this victory. Then she wanted to go to see her boyfriend Jack to congratulate him as well for his game but Rapunzel grabbed her and walk to the Ravenclaw crowd who carried their gl
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 15 1
Alignment Chart Meme by irismatidia Alignment Chart Meme :iconirismatidia:irismatidia 4 2
Light in the dark (Erwin x Stripper!Reader)
Note: the story settles in UK, because the author loves UK.
"Good show, (name)."
"Shut up, Jean, and give me you know what."
The bartender gave you a smile with an eye roll before handing you a gin tonic. As you sipped your drink, you looked at Petra, who was currently trying to beat all make it rain records with her energic yet appealling dance. You almost envied her for being so enthusiastic. Almost.
The fact was that as a nineteen years old student, gaining knowledge came with a price. Your family couldn't help you, and after your loan asking and part time jobs seeking plans failed, you reluctantly decided to be a stripper. Since that moment your family members refused to talk to you. At college you have no friends, so no one to talk to. The people you appreciated the most were the security guards and the bartender of the house. Nights were tiresome, with the awful music choices and avoiding horny men groping you. Your 'work' outfits had one purpose only and
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 57 14
Another shipping meme by irismatidia Another shipping meme :iconirismatidia:irismatidia 5 2
Parasite is coming (Levi x Pregnant!Reader AU)
Previous part
Now that Levi and you both knew you were expecting, the two of you began to prepare yourselves for the birth of the baby. This included buying a crib and all of these baby furnitures, but also announcement to your families, friends and co-workers. Everyone congratulated you, and some expressed their eagerness to see how your baby would look like. Farlan and Isabel, Levi's closest friends, offered you many adorable baby clothing. But still, Levi and you faced some odd reactions. First it was when he spoke to his uncle Kenny, who raised him and was his only family left - with a distant cousin, Mikasa.
"Kenny, I have something important to tell you."
"Well, that will be the first time."
"(F/n) is pregnant."
Hearing that, Kenny burst into laugher.
"I didn't remember saying something funny." Levi said with his usual stern face.
"Mha ha ha ha!!... I'm eager to see that!... You changing the diapers! Looking at your crying brat without knowing
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 68 17
Cornelia Gerber [SNK OC] [WIP]
Name : Cornelia Gerber
Nickname(s) : Neli (common using) ; refered as Cadet Gerber by the army
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Species : Human
Status : Alive
Birthdate : August 19th 836
Birthplace : Sarmand, Wall Rose (made-up town)
Current residence : Karanes District, Wall Rose
Affiliation : 105th Trainee Squad (East)
Grad rank : n/a
Appearance :
Neli is 1.67 meter for 58 kilograms. She has some muscles due to being a military. She has brown eyes and curly messy black hair that reach her earlobe. Her skin is tan.
She wears the trainee uniform with long sleeved shirts either yellow or green, her favourite colours.
Likes : books about plants, cooking, 3DMG, climbing the wall and look at the human territory (yeah, she's pretty boring)
Dislikes : noise, the rain, candies, tobacco, seeing someone crying (because she doesn't know how to confort them)
Hobbies : training, gazing at the stars at night, reading
Fears : Wall Rose being destroyed, titans
Personality :
Neli is a brave per
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 4 4
Hikaru [Naruto OC]
Kanji: ヒカル (Hikaru)
Birthdate: January 16th
Gender: Male
Age: 16-18 (Part II)
Height: 176 cm (Part II)
Weight: 72 kg (Part II)
Blood type: AB+
Classification: Sensor type
Affiliation: Iwagakure, Allied Shinobi Forces
Team: Team Futa
Ninja rank: Chūnin (Part II)/Jōnin (Epilogue)
Ninja registration: IW-09022
Academy graduation age: 12
Chūnin promotion age: 14
Nature type: Earth
Hikaru's maternal family have been shinobi for a long time, unlike his father Toshi who was a simple citizen of Iwagakure. He died of a ruptured aneurism when Hikaru was three, leaving little memory of him to his son. Thus Hikaru grew up surrounded by females : his grandmother, his mother and his two years younger sister. His mother Shinobu won her life as a jōnin. Though cherished and spoiled as much as Nagisa, he felt a bit uneasy being the only male of the household. He even thought he wished he was a girl to be like the members of his family. Despite th
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 3 2
Stepmother [2] [F!Reader|Petra]
Part 1
And you? Well, it took you more time to find the right person. All you wanted was someone pleasant to be around, someone you'd have nice dates with. And perhaps you'd spend holidays together in some dreamy destination, then introduce him or her to your children. Because yes, you were actually bisexual and proud to be. Back in the years you were just Erwin's girlfriend, you had threesome with women sometimes. Once it was with a male, because Erwin thought you'd be happy having two men and he was also curious. It continued after your marriage but you two agreed to stop when you found out you were expecting. But let's get back to our subject.
After your relationship with Erwin, you actually wanted the same as him, move on and meet someone. If the first part was an immediate success, the second took more time. So after meeting and dating several disappointing candidates, it actually happened.
You met Petra at a party, through a common friend. You
:iconirismatidia:irismatidia 7 5


Don't fly away |ErwinxLevi by AranelAnna Don't fly away |ErwinxLevi :iconaranelanna:AranelAnna 12 2
Officer!Erwin x Prisoner!Reader: Wings of Freedom
6am. The time dreaded by every single inmate that was trapped within the unforgiving grey walls, laced with barbed wire and guarded by posts. It was a time of war, and previous criminals and enemies of the army had been sent to a prison camp where they had to endure laborious chores and tasks under the eagle-eyed corporals, generals and commanders that oversaw the entire operation.
You woke to the sound of shouting, the guards obviously having trouble with some of the inmates who refused to go outside in the freezing winter weather for registration - this was to ensure no one was missing, or had escaped; but even escape seemed impossible with the amount of security this place had.
The reason you were here seemed stupid, minor and ridiculous; not long after this whole thing had started, you lived with your family and you were fine at first - however, since rations were short and your household had so many mouths to feed you took it upon yourself to steal food and other things which you
:iconqueenofroanapur:QueenOfRoanapur 26 15
Shelter (Levi x Reader) [AU]
"Why do you smoke?" The question broke the silence, eyes raising from your lap to look into his.
"Inheritance." The words brushed past your lips just as the smoke did. Setting the cup of coffee over the brown square napkin, your eyes shifted to his hand curled around his special mug of tea.
"From who?" There was curiosity in his eyes, he was eager to know more about you.
"My father. My grandfather. And his father before him." The expression in your face was blank, but you could feel it swirl inside of you. Those feelings that you kept buried deep inside of you. "What about you? Why do you only drink tea?"
"Because coffee tastes like shit." He clicked his tongue, taking a sip of his Earl Gray. That weird manner in which he held his mug had always made you wonder the reason behind it, but you found it more excitement in imagining it than to really go and ask him about it.
"It does not." Raising your eyebrows, you finished your cigarette and placed it aside. Reaching down, you grabbed you
:iconjennycolt:JennyColt 34 1
We should try to complete this XD by Nevermoremist We should try to complete this XD :iconnevermoremist:Nevermoremist 5 43 Shingeki Chuugakkou Martin and Brigitte Hoover by KwnBlack Shingeki Chuugakkou Martin and Brigitte Hoover :iconkwnblack:KwnBlack 19 8 Shingeki! Chuugakkou Karina and Dieter Braun by KwnBlack Shingeki! Chuugakkou Karina and Dieter Braun :iconkwnblack:KwnBlack 15 2 Asami Sato portrait by Warriorsatthedisco Asami Sato portrait :iconwarriorsatthedisco:Warriorsatthedisco 81 22 Going Home by MahAmmar Going Home :iconmahammar:MahAmmar 22 21 Hanon Hosho by neru-van Hanon Hosho :iconneru-van:neru-van 430 90 Draw me like one of your Republic City girls by Sovvah Draw me like one of your Republic City girls :iconsovvah:Sovvah 162 31
:iconplz-accounts:PLZ-accounts 524 239
Evangelion plz icons
I'd only found a few of these, but after commenting on a few pieces by :iconstormfeder: which :iconjkrolak: commissioned, it seems as though he liked the captioning...and created a few more!
This entry actually compiles all of them, or at least the ones I've found:
If you find any more, please comment below!
Edit: Thanks to :iconmetalshadowinsanity: for finding Zeruel, one of the Gendos, a Kaworu, and a Ramiel.
Edit 6/27/13: Thanks to :iconjkrolak: for the Maya icons.
Edit 2/4/14: Thanks to :iconsomeguynameddavid: for the Misato icon.
:icondolphinsilverwolf:DolphinSilverwolf 5 5
Mini Pencil Icon (Bright Green) by Gasara Mini Pencil Icon (Bright Green) :icongasara:Gasara 10 1 Tiny Pencil Icon (Bright Grey) by Gasara Tiny Pencil Icon (Bright Grey) :icongasara:Gasara 3 0 Tiny Pen Icon (Pastel Grey) by Gasara Tiny Pen Icon (Pastel Grey) :icongasara:Gasara 6 0 Tiny Pen Icon (Pastel Green) by Gasara Tiny Pen Icon (Pastel Green) :icongasara:Gasara 4 0



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